Streamlining IT operations: A comprehensive guide to using Faronics Deploy

Streamlining IT operations: A comprehensive guide to using Faronics Deploy

Consider this scenario: 10 teams with 20 pieces of critical applications to install across 200 workstations. That equates to a staggering 40,000 unique installs to manage. And with a shortage of tech talent on the horizon, the problem only multiplies. Faronics Deploy rises to the challenge, providing a centralized solution to orchestrate and streamline these complex deployment scenarios.

With the ability to optimize delivery by identifying low points of usage on each machine, Deploy even ensures minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Let’s look at some of the other capabilities that make Faronics Deploy a crucial asset for managing diverse workstations efficiently.

The Deploy console: A grid-based approach to streamlined software management

At the heart of Faronics Deploy lies the intuitive console, employing a grid-based view for effective application management. Each grid is tailored to specific tasks. For instance, the Applications section boasts a grid to view installed applications, one for MacOS, another one with the application library and a fourth grid to display application install, uninstall or update failures.

In sectors like healthcare or government, this gives IT staff a centralized overview that lets them schedule updates and maintenance tasks without disrupting day-to-day operations or putting confidential information at risk.

The beauty of the grid system lies in its adaptability. As users move between sections, the grid offers different sets of information and actions pertinent to the task at hand. Whether managing applications or overseeing Windows and Mac updates, Deploy’s console simplifies the entire process.

Faronics goes beyond manual IT management, allowing users to perform mass actions on groups of end devices. From installing multiple applications simultaneously to scanning single computers for viruses or temporarily deactivating their firewall, efficiency is always at the forefront with Deploy.

Deploy’s Control Grid: A comprehensive overview

The Control Grid in Deploy provides a holistic view of the entire network, enhancing control and oversights. Let’s explore some key views within the Control Grid:

  • Dashboard View: Offering insights into online computers, apps with pending updates, computers awaiting Windows updates, user summaries, operating systems and the last-seen status.
  • Applications View: Facilitating the management of Windows computers with Deploy Agent installed, this view allows for easy filtering and updating of applications. Users can create and manage custom apps and scripts, providing flexibility in deployment.
  • Windows Updates View: A dedicated grid for computers waiting on Windows updates, complete with filtering options for effective management.
  • OS Deployment View: A centralized view for handling deployments across operating systems, from MacOS to Windows and ChromeOS.
  • Anti-Virus View: Streamlining anti-virus management by enabling or disabling firewalls, real-time protection and performing scans on selected or all computers.
  • Inventory View: Providing a comprehensive overview of the system inventory.
  • Policies View: Centralized control over policies, ensuring uniformity among user groups and adherence to organizational standards and application choices.

Whether you’re streamlining IT for your retail business or defining access permissions for thousands of students at a school, Faronics Deploy has the right tools for the job. Thanks to its fine-grained controls, it lets you adequately replicate your organization’s infrastructure and user preferences while maintaining security and supporting you in best practices.

Recent updates: Enhancing flexibility and remote access

As Faronics continues to invest in Deploy, we introduce features based on user feedback to give IT staff and end users more flexibility and streamline software development. Here are some of the most recent updates:

  • Custom apps and scripts editing: Users can now edit custom apps and scripts post-creation, tailoring them to evolving needs.
  • Remote access: IT staff can view a remote computer’s screen via the Action Toolbar, with configurable monitor selection and refresh rate settings.
  • Filter computers by policy: We’re simplifying management by allowing computers to be filtered by policy in the Applications Grid, giving IT support one more view of their inventory.
  • Remote access via ticketing grid: When IT support opens a ticket in the Ticket grid, they can now get remote access to the computer. This can be done by selecting the ticket and accessing the machine via the Action Toolbar.

Faronics Deploy emerges as a versatile and indispensable tool for organizations seeking efficient endpoint management across healthcare, retail, education and government sectors. Its grid-based console and mass action capabilities, including custom app editing and enhanced remote access, showcase Faronics’ commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of modern IT environments.

Harness the power of Faronics Deploy and take control of your endpoint management with confidence and ease, irrespective of your industry’s unique challenges.

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