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Computers and tablets have become an essential part of a modern classroom environment. Students and teachers rely on technology to conduct classes, complete assignments, and collaborate with each other. However, managing all these different devices in school has led to various maintenance and monitoring concerns. Teachers and IT administrators shouldn’t have to worry about spending all their time fixing computers. Educational institutions are turning to classroom management software such as Faronics Insight to support multiple labs and classrooms with ease.

The introduction of technology into schools has redefined what it means to manage a classroom. Monitoring activity and managing the health of the devices students are using is just as important as the lesson plans. To simplify the process, classroom management software like Faronics Insight employs a central management console with tools that help teachers create a better learning environment, while allowing IT managers to support machines across an entire network. IT admins can efficiently interact with students and faculty to assist them with any computer related issues. To keep everything running smoothly, IT managers are able to monitor power levels, hardware status and software inventory as well as generate reports on students application use and internet history. Insight supports Windows and Mac as well as Chromebook, iOS and Android devices.

In the classroom, the Insight Teachers Console allows them to see at a glance what each student is doing in real-time. Teachers can also bring up a class list and invite student BYOD devices into the Insight classroom environment for easy monitoring and management. For an added layer of protection, Insight works with endpoint management software Deep Freeze in order to ensure computer availability. Staff can receive alerts if systems are compromised due to security issues from antivirus or firewall breaches. IT administrators can then remotely distribute and install software packages and updates to student machines.

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