Security Bulletin: Microsoft Patch Tuesday September 13th, 2011

Security Bulletin: Microsoft Patch Tuesday September 13th, 2011

It’s that time of month again. That’s right, it’s Patch Tuesday! Some of you may have already jumped the gun on these when Microsoft accidentally released the notices last week. For those of you who missed them, it’s time for you to get patching!

There’s nothing rated “critical” this month, which is surprising considering all of the recent security breaches happening lately. Regardless, that doesn’t mean you should slack on installing today’s patches. The 15 vulnerabilities plugged could all be exploited by hackers to infect your computer with viruses. All without you doing anything out of the ordinary.

Of these updates Microsoft continues to revoke security certificates issued by DigiNotar. That’s the Dutch certificate authority that was hacked at the beginning of the month. After the attack Microsoft blocked the root of certificates issued by DigiNotar, making it so Windows automatically blocked any program or website showing a certificate from the compromised company.

The software included in today’s patches include Windows, Office, Excel, SharePoint, Windows Server and some Office Web Apps. For further information check out Microsoft’s announcement here:  Security Bulletin: Microsoft September Patch Tuesday

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