Protect your new Windows Surface 3 with Faronics Deep Freeze

Protect your new Windows Surface 3 with Faronics Deep Freeze

Microsoft recently released the newest version of its laptop/tablet hybrid, the Surface 3. Both the Surface 3 and Surface 3 Pro offer the power and portability necessary to help employees work from anywhere, as well as a variety of other enterprise-grade features that make working on a mobile device easier than ever. Bluetooth compatibility (including the ability to write with a Bluetooth stylus), detachable Type Cover keyboard, microSD slots with a minimum of 64GB of storage and power from both Windows 8.1 and Intel x86 processors all come together to make the new Surface an enterprise IT department’s dream.

The other aspect of the new Surface 3 and Surface 3 Pro that make the devices so ideal for the enterprise is its cloud compatibility. Not only can cloud services be accessed by Surface users, but existing Windows account holders can set up their Surface in the cloud. When initially powering up the device, users have the option to input their Windows data, syncing their OneDrive information and connecting to all of their existing cloud files, all with the touch of a button.

While all of the features of the Surface 3 – as well as the ability to connect to the cloud – make the device an ideal addition to any enterprise mobility program, businesses will have to ensure they have the proper security precautions in place before deploying the Surface tablet. Luckily for companies itching to get their hands on the device, Faronics has the perfect solution. Deep Freeze and Deep Freeze Cloud allows IT administrators to freeze their systems and preserve network settings that can be returned to the predetermined settings in the event of a disruptive scenario. Deep Freeze is compatible with Windows 8 and the Surface is the first tablet to run the security program. Deep Freeze is tested on the Surface and Surface Pro and received uninterrupted protection.

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