Operation Robin Hood: Banking Customers Watch Out!

Operation Robin Hood: Banking Customers Watch Out!

In my previous post on the United Nations attack, I spoke of Team Poison’s upcoming ‘big hacking plans’. Well here’s the scoop. Those plans include a massive assault on the big banks. Their decree is simple: to steal from the banks and give the money back to the people.

Joining forces with renowned hackers Anonymous, they’ve formed Team pOisaNon. In response to the Occupy Movement they’re lashing out against the banks that take hard earned money from their customers and the authorities that silenced their voices of protest. “Banks have stolen millions from its customers as well as lacked the security to protect them. We give you Operation Robin Hood,” they exclaimed in a recent announcement.

Falling on the heels of Operation Cashback, they’ve already removed 500,000 accounts from banks and placed them into credit unions. This is the next step. Operation Robin Hood pledges to turn the tables on the banks and return the money to those who have been cheated by the system. They will take credit cards and donate to the 99% and assorted charities.

Their intention is not to hurt the public, as the banks will be forced to return the money to customers. To this point, they’ve already launched successful credit card attacks on three major banks: Chase, Bank of America, and CitiBank. In each situation, the stolen funds have been donated to the homeless, charities, and protests.

So what can you do? Well they are urging people to move their money to credit unions before it’s too late. As vigilantes, they are tired of waiting for justice to come from the government, and they’re ready to take action. Hacking for profit is out it seems and the new army of hackers is inspired to bring social justice to the world. But my question to you is Operation Robin Hood: hero or villain?


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