“My name is Freeze, Deep Freeze” – 7 Similarities between James Bond and Deep Freeze

“My name is Freeze, Deep Freeze” – 7 Similarities between James Bond and Deep Freeze

Whether it is Goldfinger, Flame, Scaramanga, TDL4, Zorbin, Stuxnet, Dr. Carver, Conficker, Le Chiffre or MyDoom, both James Bond & Deep Freeze are there to eliminate these obsessed psychopaths who devise commercial opportunity through violence or malware.  Let’s explore 7 similarities between 007 James Bond & Deep Freeze:

1. They are both international agents.  James Bond travels the world to protect your freedom.  Deep Freeze is a kernel level agent that protects computers in over 100 countries.

2. They both utilize technology to their advantage.  In Skyfall, only James Bond can fire his gun based on his unique palm print.  Deep Freeze will only allow an IT administrator to Thaw computers based not only on a password but also on a customization code.

3. They both are serious about protection.  James Bond is highly driven to save the world from terrorists and is extremely effective.  Deep Freeze provides awesome de facto security protection against all malware, especially ones that need a restart in order to become active – most do.

4. They both troubleshoot really fast.  James Bond’s ability to assess a situation and take out 6 bad guys pronto is legendary.  Deep Freeze doesn’t care if a single megabyte of data was changed or if ten gigabytes of data was changed; either way, in a normal restart time, your computer is back up and running.

5. They both prevent smugglers. James Bond prevents Mr. Big from smuggling and selling ancient gold coins in order to finance SMERSH operations in Live and Let Die. Deep Freeze prevents hackers from smuggling your confidential information, all keyloggers, trojans, and worms are removed upon every restart!

6. They both fight for integrity. James Bond defends the integrity of MI6, ensuring he acted on the humiliation that M suffers at the hands of Raoul Silva in Skyfall. Deep Freeze protects the integrity of your hard drive, ensuring the hard drive is clear of fragmentation since the day it was Frozen.

7. They are both serious about law-enforcement. James Bond acts swiftly to prevent bad guys from breaking the law and trying to destroy the world. Deep Freeze is used by many law-enforcement agencies to maintain the readiness and integrity of their computers.

Have you seen Skyfall yet? If you use Deep Freeze, can you spot any other similarities? Post a comment and let us know!

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