Mobile devices becoming more susceptible to viruses and malware

Mobile devices becoming more susceptible to viruses and malware

Mobile devices could be a big way viruses and malware spreads.

Think your smartphone is free of viruses and malware? You might want to think again. Layered security options should be used on mobile devices much like they are on PCs and laptops to help defend against all sorts of internet nastiness. Infosecurity Magazine said so-called “man in the browser” software has become “man in the mobile” and is affecting things like online banking.

“The new attack starts on the desktop browser where a web-injection in the desktop browser lures victims into installing a fake security app into their Android mobile,” the news source said. “Targets are told that a new security feature requires them to install a special security app on their mobile device, and are told that 15 million users already use the system. ”

Once this is installed on the mobile device, the Tatanga virus can capture all SMS traffic, which may or may not include banking authorization codes, and send them to fraudsters. A fraudulent bank transfer can be initiated at this point, when the user may be helpless to take any effective counter action. With this in mind, people need to take measures to secure their device and always make sure there is protection when sending sensitive information from a mobile device.

ExtremeTech said there are some steps people can take toward better security on their devices, including locking access to the phone, being sure to have a password for access to the phone’s application store and having device encryption to safely send sensitive information that you do not want others to see.

What has your experience been with mobile security? Ever have any issues? Worried about any in the future? Let us know your thoughts!

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