Microsoft Needs You To Vouch For Us:)

Microsoft Needs You To Vouch For Us:)

Did you know that Faronics is a Gold Certified ISV Microsoft Partner? We have been for years now!

Every year we renew our competencies, update an endless list of Microsoft Certified Professionals we have on staff, test our products for compatibility with the latest and greatest products from Microsoft, have numerous customers confirm their reference status, and all sorts of other really exciting stuff. As a result of this process, ant the end of March we receive a plastic wall plaque with an aluminum stripe for our reception that confirms our Gold Certified Partner status. We have just put up the 2012 one last week.

Being a Gold Certified partner brings a lot of benefits, ranging from involvement in marketing programs to being able to access beta versions of pre-released software such as Windows 8. This is how we manage to consistently deliver full new OS support the day the new OS actually ships. Gold Certified partner status is a great differentiator that signals that you are dealing with a reputable company that is knowledgeable and committed to customer satisfaction.

Three years ago Microsoft has updated its partner program requirements and added a new requirement, a customer satisfaction survey that Gold Certified Partner applicants need to conduct independently through a third party. This is a great initiative as it allows only truly competent and customer satisfaction – oriented companies to maintain the Gold Certified partner status. That is just the kind of company Faronics is.

If you want to help and take the CSAT survey, fill out the form below and I will share a unique survey link with you.

Vouch for us:)

Want to help us with the Gold Certified Microsoft CSAT Index Invitational and vouch for us with Microsoft? Please let us know, so we can share the survey URL details with you! Thank you!

Microsoft Partner Network CSAT Index Invitational

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Dmitry Shesterin

Dmitry has done everything. From sales and marketing in mobile telecommunications and printing (in Russia and Germany) to sales engineer and marketing lead (at Faronics). Dmitry has an unrivaled love of Excel and his sense of humor resembles Ambrose Bierce, his favorite writer.

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