Is July 9th Internet Doomsday For Your Mac Or PC?

Is July 9th Internet Doomsday For Your Mac Or PC?

Rapture is coming for Macs and PCs with a new piece of malware that will make the internet mysteriously disappear for infected machines as of July 9th.

News hit today that there’s a new trojan to watch for on the malicious market that will trick computers—not just PCs, but Macs too—into redirecting all internet activity through malicious servers. Despite the arrest of the cyber criminals behind this attack, millions of computers could still be affected.
If one of those computers is yours, the internet may not exist for you, come July 9th.

The malware has actually been in existence since 2007. It infects a machine with a trojan that creates a botnet by changing how a machine accesses it’s DNS (Domain Name System). The DNS dictates how website addresses are organized, for example, when you visit you simply type in our URL, not some long, complicated IP address.

The Trojan – officially dubbed the DNS Changer – can be detected by simply visiting this DNS Changer Lookup. If the trojan is detected on your machine, you may want to consider updating your Faronics Anti-Virus tout de suite. Who can live without online shopping and Twitter? I know I can’t.

Test your Mac or PC and let us know in the comments if you’re all free and clear!

About The Author

Heather Magee

As a long-time lifestyle and entertainment blogger, Heather is just foraying into the land of internet security and online threats. An avid traveler, skier and obsessive advocate for all things social, you'll usually find Heather with an iPhone in one hand, macchiato in the other, tweeting up a storm.

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