If I Had Just One Dollar… [VIDEO]

If I Had Just One Dollar… [VIDEO]

What would YOU invest in if you were limited to one single purchase? Would you invest in your people – recruiting, staffing, and training? Or would you make an investment in technology – infrastructure and security?

These days there is no shortage of talk around budgeting – especially in the workplace. What cuts are coming? When? And what effects will they have on the people, and technology that you and I rely on a daily basis? These are difficult questions and sadly are being asked more and more these days.

The answer seems obvious and really quite simple – invest in your people every time, right? Well perhaps, but what if an investment made in technology or R&D today could mean more jobs and security for your people tomorrow? Suddenly you have a decision on your hands and it won’t be easy.

This very question was asked to a handful of IT chiefs recently at the 2011 NASCIO Annual Conference in Denver – and as you can see from the video it was not easily answered.

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