How VARS Build World Class Organizations [Part 1]

How VARS Build World Class Organizations [Part 1]

You may be surprised to know that many business owners of VAR organizations both large and small often face the same business challenges:

  • Business plan management
  • Competitive analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Cash flow considerations
  • Recruitment of top talent
  • Managing family life

How do they stay on top of everything?  The first topic I want to discuss is recruitment.  We typically look at six major criteria to recruit world class talent:

1. Formalized job description review (How often do we look for one type of candidate only to realize that the job description doesn’t match the actual required work?)

2. Hiring approval process (Have we formalized a repeatable process which strips out favouritism/ biases and makes us look like a well-oiled machine to potential applicants?)

3. Sourcing candidates (Are we simply using word of mouth or are we over paying for professional recruitment options?)

4. Screening applicants formula (What processes or filters do we use to hire Dr. Jekyll and not Mr. Hyde?)

5. Interviewing (Who does them, how many rounds should we conduct, and who has the time to do them?)

6. Post-Recruiting/Completion of cycle (How do we measure the successfulness of the process to ensure that our recruitment process continues to deliver world class talent?)

Over the next six  posts we will look at each of these criteria separately and I will share with you what Faronics does to provide you with some ideas to help you build a world class team to support your business goals.


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Matt Williams

A self-proclaimed ‘tech geek’, Matt has worked in technology for a decade and divides his time between blogging and working in IT. A huge New York Giants fan, expert on Reboot Restore Technology when not watching football Matt gets his game on playing Call of Duty with his friends and other tech bloggers.

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