Guest Post: Dell KACE Deep Freeze Solution

Guest Post: Dell KACE Deep Freeze Solution

Security and Efficiency through Endpoint Control

IT administrators face a constant struggle trying to maintain effective endpoint control and reduce the number of security threats that encroach on their systems every day. It only takes a single computer to open a door to the network and allow in an intrusion that is severe enough to cause prolonged downtime. These threats may come from directed, malicious attacks, or they could be unintentionally picked up “drive-by” style on the Internet.

The IT team can spend a lot of time and money deploying, installing, and configuring a system, which means it can be a real problem if they have to spend even more time and money repairing or restoring damaged applications and operating systems.  When users begin to download and install software from un-trusted or unauthorized sources, or if they improperly install the right applications, it can cause downtime and put a lot of extra work squarely on the IT administrators. There are, however, some options that allow the IT team to fully manage and protect the endpoint systems.

Integrating Deep Freeze with Dell KACE

The Deep Freeze software provides an important level of security that businesses need to lock in and protect a system configuration. Since any changes made to a computer will be wiped out at the end of the session, any accidental misconfigurations or malicious malware will not be able to cause any lasting damage.

The system will still have an unrestricted user environment, and it won’t interfere with applications in any way. This means that users will still be able to access the software and settings they need, but they can’t make any permanent, detrimental changes. However, every computer on the network will need to have the software installed and up to date to ensure a malicious program doesn’t sneak in on a little-used computer off in the corner.

The Dell KACE Software Deployment and Management appliances were designed to help save time and money for system administration professionals. These appliances are an easy way to handle initial computer deployment as well as ongoing management. In other words, through the discovery and inventory features of the system, it is much easier to find every computer asset and ensure that it receives the necessary Deep Freeze software and any ongoing updates. This kind of integration can provide a lot of benefits when dealing with a large IT infrastructure.

The Benefits of Integration

The centralized nature of Dell KACE appliances means that IT administrators can easily install Deep Freeze to protect every endpoint and then manage the settings from a single location. Updates can be schedules in advance, inventory can be taken, and any potential threats can be assessed and remediated.

What does this mean for your company? By combining these tools to protect your network with systems that ensure simple, fast, and complete deployment and control, your company will start to see some significant savings in time and money while increasing the level of security throughout the network.


Angela Luke

Angela works with Dell KACE. Outside of work she enjoys reading, hiking and writing about technology. She is interested in all things related to software distribution as well as deployment. For more information click here

Dell KACE Deep Freeze Solution – This is a visual representation of Configuration Management by Dell KACE

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