Three Impacts Of Your PC Lifecycle

Three Impacts Of Your PC Lifecycle

When purchasing a new laptop, I failed to consider things like: was this laptop made from non-toxic materials? How much does it use? When and how was I going to dispose of my new device once it became obsolete?

When most people think about making a positive environmental choice they think about driving less or composting. I did not realize that considerations regarding new green technology purchases would impact the environment in three distinct areas:

  1. Technology acquisition: Buy technology with a longer lifespan to reduce unnecessary waste. Hardware vendors have made significant strides in their production practices. Many industry leading products are now recognized by ENERGY STAR or EPEAT to ensure consumers can make a responsible (green) choice.
  2. Technology use: All electronics use energy, but you can dramatically reduce the amount of energy wasted by inactive devices by powering them down when they are not in use. Laptops and desktops are a perfect example of technology often left on 24/7. You can take advantage of dedicated PC power management software that will allow you to deploy and manage power saving settings across an entire network. Implementing an intelligent green technology solution can deliver savings of $50 per computer per year.
  3. Technology disposal: Technology advances so quickly we often look to replace equipment with the latest and greatest. With a little research the equipment that might otherwise be ‘junked’ can be reused by schools or charity organizations. If this is not an option, look to dispose with a certified green technology disposal service.

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