Gartner: Amplifying The Enterprise

Gartner: Amplifying The Enterprise

Gartner: Amplifying The EnterpriseFor those of you who missed it, Gartner’s announcement for IT this year surrounds “Amplifying the Enterprise”. This places the focus on new technologies that create new channels for reaching potential clients, engaging the existing customers, and driving revenue growth.

The message is straightforward. Amplify through new technologies like mobility and cloud.  While eliminating the distortion of existing technologies, processes, and inefficiencies, as well as managing negative feedback via social media channels.

The companies that survive in the digital world are the ones who provide products and services of value and deliver them in a way that makes sense to the world today.  In the business context, the customer now has the technology to easily share his or her opinion with the world. Marketing who used to drive these perceptions has lost control over these declarations.

The weight of the world now lies squarely on IT’s shoulders to deliver… and the scorecard is called the customer experience.  If sales, marketing, customer service, and IT are not in harmony playing on the same page, the results will be clear for all to see. If not, the market will blow its own horn and shout its own message. Those who understand this new approach will adapt to survive. The rest will drown in an ocean of noise and find themselves alone crying in the dark.

In the grand scheme of things, IT amplification is about combining the efforts of all departments and presenting them using technologies that provide a product or service in an effortless fashion.  The success of this approach is driven by IT’s ability to manage the integration of each department throughout the entire customer experience.

Technology has accelerated market expectations and it is up to IT to find a way to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

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