Experience all the cloud benefits with an improved management system

Experience all the cloud benefits with an improved management system

As companies reflect on 2014 and look back at the year that was, one IT trend is undeniable: last year was the year of the cloud, and enterprise use of the technology skyrocketed. An estimate from market intelligence firm IDC puts spending on public cloud services at more than $56 billion in 2014, and a study by Osterman Research found that the average organization uses 14.3 cloud applications.

While use of the cloud has dramatically improved computing capabilities for enterprises, the technology’s rapid rise has outpaced companies’ abilities to place sufficient controls on it, causing security issues. The lack of proper cloud management led to some troubling trends in 2014:

Businesses tried to deploy too many apps
A common mistake many organizations employing a cloud infrastructure make is to overload the enterprise with different services making use of the the technology. The point of cloud computing is to reduce complexity and make regular processes simpler to complete. However, many users ended up just trading one type of complexity for another. A recent Capgemini study revealed that almost half of all CIOs surveyed feel they are using too many apps, putting a strain on internal resources. Each individual application requires IT administrators to devote time for security, mobility, integration and user setup, creating hours of wasted time and pointless work.

Too many people with too much access
It only takes one employee to send out information they were never supposed to have or to delete a file they shouldn’t have been able to access for major problems to arise. Executives at US Airways and Uber learned this the hard way when it was revealed that members of their staffs shared inappropriate information and monitored customer travel data respectively. Both instances serve as examples that many organizations lack checks and balances and stricter controls are necessary to determine who has what types of permission and can access corporate cloud apps.

Old passwords coming back to haunt you
Some of the biggest security breaches of 2014 were caused by insufficient password protection. The leaking of hundreds of nude photos from iCloud accounts and the hack of corporate Dropbox folders both could have been avoided if stronger, more private passwords had been utilized. A recent survey by business cloud provider Intermedia found that 89 percent of people retained at least one login and password from an old employer, severely compromising the security of a company’s cloud-based systems.

Protect sensitive cloud systems with an enhanced management program
Each of those worrying trends shared a common theme: Human error is an enterprise’s greatest threat. The average employee is not concerned with security risks when using an application and won’t think twice about sharing a file or downloading a new program that they’re interested in using. Luckily, Faronics Deep Freeze Cloud can help to protect endpoints and ensure enterprise security by keeping desired access control and security settings in place.

If any changes are made from the settings put in place by IT administrators, a simple reboot can return everything back to its original controls. User data can be saved on a network drive so it will be retained across reboots, helping the enterprise systems to run smoothly and efficiently while improving security. The software offers central management capabilities, allowing users to customize, deploy and manage Deep Freeze on individual endpoints from a single location. The program ensures 100 percent workstation recovery each time there is a restart, greatly reducing the amount of support tickets issued to tech workers.

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