Cutting costs with Server Virtualization

Cutting costs with Server Virtualization

Optimizing data center operations can significantly reduce expenses.

Optimizing data center operations can significantly reduce expenses.

Higher ed IT leaders are constantly asked to lower operating budgets, reduce manpower and find new, cost-effective measures to implement new technology.  In the last two posts about this topic, we looked at importance of assembling the best IT team available and how to keep their operating budget in line. With the team ready and the expense planning set, let’s look at some ways IT departments can bring in the biggest budgetary savings.

Server virtualization has been a hot topic in the tech world for some time now.  This technology has rapidly transformed higher education IT as a whole.  With the amount of servers and equipment needed to operate a modern university or college campus, replacing multiple physical severs with cost-effective virtual machines has been an answer for many IT departments.

Virtualizing servers saves money 
Using server virtualization software, IT teams can turn a single physical server into multiple virtual machines, running a number of different processes.

Thomas Hoover, CIO at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, found that by virtualizing 70 percent of his school’s servers, his IT department could significantly reduce expenses and reduce data center physical space.

There are several ways server virtualization can help generate savings:

  • Fewer machines means less overhead
  • Lower  configuration and maintenance costs
  • The amount of energy consumed is greatly reduced, including the electricity needed to run air-conditioning units to keep servers from overheating. Some estimates put the pc power usage savings at as much as 40 percent.
  • Using slimmer servers reduces the amount of space needed to house its data center. With a smaller area to keep cool, electricity expenses could be further reduced.

Our ongoing series on IT budget reductions will continue next time with many more tips and tricks to cut down on your tech expenses. Stay tuned!

What steps have you taken to reduce your energy consumption? Let us know in the comment section below or contact us directly on our Facebook page!

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