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Rapid developments in the digital world have revolutionized the educational landscape with the wide use of technological gadgets and uninterrupted internet access. Blackboards and notebooks have been replaced by interactive whiteboards, projectors, smartphones, and tablets. About 91% of the school administrators are of the opinion that technology can play a key role in enhancing student achievement and participation in the class in future.

While the smart classroom infrastructure is improving students’ experience towards learning, it also distracts them in multiple ways. If students have access to any device with internet in the classroom, they can easily yield to tempting diversions, such as playing video games, browsing websites not related to the class content, or installing unnecessary applications that pose virus/malware threats. Thus, it has become very difficult for the teachers to monitor what information the students are consuming through their machines in a digital classroom environment. Moreover, social media platforms and gaming applications have considerably reduced the attention span of students, making classroom management a challenging task for the instructors.

So, what can the teachers do to eliminate the requirement of walking up and down the whole class to monitor each student? Faronics Insight offers the most convenient solution.

With this robust classroom management solution, teachers can eliminate distractions in the class and focus more on teaching. It offers smart classroom management tools through which teachers can expedite the coursework and ensure that every student has benefitted from the lecture.

Faronics Insight helps you Centrally Manage your Classrooms

Faronics Insight simplifies the computer lab management process by offering optimal tools. It not only prevents individual students from disrupting the flow of the class but also enables the teachers to take complete control of the student machines from one central computer. Thus, teachers can launch, block or manage the applications and websites used by the students and contribute to a better learning experience for the whole class. With Faronics Insight, students can also request for help or ask questions to the teachers directly from their devices, which helps them discuss the course material with ease. It also uses many advanced classroom management features, such as screen-sharing and co-browsing of websites, to facilitate diverse instructional environments.

The vision behind Insight

With the educational landscape being transformed by cutting-edge technologies, Faronics Insight was developed to meet the market demand for an effective classroom management software. While there are several classroom management tools and programs in the market that offer student monitoring feature, there are not many that transcend this basic function and enable a seamless learning experience. Insight was designed keeping the requirements of the instructors in mind so that they can ensure steady educational and cognitive growth of each individual student by educating and communicating with them through one centrally managed console. Its interface is user-friendly, which helps teachers to simplify the learning process and enhance student engagement.

Additionally, Faronics Insight eliminates the requirement of having to install multiple classroom management tools for different networks or classes, which often requires additional costs and heavy IT intervention. This classroom management tool brings all devices being used on one connected platform. Consequently, multiple classes or labs can run the software simultaneously to reap its educational benefits.

Features & Benefits of Faronics Insight

The primary job of Faronics Insight as a classroom management software is to simplify a teacher’s task. It is suitable for any educational institution that aims to engage its students in an interactive classroom environment. Let’s have a quick look at the advanced features of this classroom management solution:

Better Classroom Monitoring

Teachers can make use of the classroom monitoring feature, and monitor all the student activities in the class with a single glance from a central computer. As many as 3000 high-quality student thumbnails can be viewed in real time. This helps teachers to see all the classroom activities in a single picture and proceed with the lessons accordingly.

Eliminating Classroom Distractions

Teachers can blank out student screens to grab their attention instantly, and restrict their access to any website or applications if those are found to be inappropriate or irrelevant to the class. Thus, Faronics Insight eliminates the challenge of dealing with classroom distractions, such as instant messaging, video games, and website surfing, with a single click and brings the students’ focus back on the lesson.

Encouraging Collaborative Learning

This robust classroom management tool offers instructor-to-student and student-to-student screen sharing options, which make the classroom environment more conducive to learning. This enhances knowledge sharing and promotes collaborative ventures, which help the teachers provide a hands-on learning experience for the class.

Accelerating the Learning Process

With the help of Remote Control Feature, teachers can take total control of the students’ devices, to help them with a question or to provide one-to-one assistance. This not only helps the teachers to communicate with the students directly from their computers but also helps them to finish the coursework quickly.

Cross-Platform Support

Faronics Insight works well with any device running Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS, and Android. Thus, it offers complete support to diverse computing environments.

With such easy classroom management features, Faronics Insight fosters teamwork and collaboration among the students and eases the burden of student monitoring with great efficacy.


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