Combat supply chain malware with Anti-Virus and Deep Freeze

Combat supply chain malware with Anti-Virus and Deep Freeze

The manufacturing and distribution industries depend on computer systems to keep the supply chain flowing effectively and efficiently. In order to make sure products get from one end of the chain to the other, it’s crucial to maintain properly functioning systems – and that includes protecting them against intrusion.

However, a malware sample called the Dyreza trojan is being used by cybercriminals to disrupt these industries, according to Computerworld contributor Lucian Constantin. Where it was previously used to infiltrate the online banking industry, hackers are now using it to steal credentials for order fulfillment, warehousing and inventory management capabilities, among other services along the supply chain. This kind of information is incredibly expensive on the black market – so hackers are using the malware to try to exploit that.

The Dyreza trojan monitors login sessions and keeps tabs on what sites users visit and the login information they utilize. This type of intrusion is called a “man-in-the-browser” threat. It is distributed via phishing – emails that look legitimate but flood systems with malware once unsuspecting employees click on the links contained within them.

What can be done?
When it comes to keeping malware out of your computer systems, having the right form of protection can make a difference. New strains of malware continue to evolve daily, and in order to protect against them, companies need to invest in solutions they can count on to keep their office computers running as smoothly as possible.

For instance, anti-virus programs offer a way for companies to provide endpoint protection against infiltration. These kinds of software run in the RAM of a computer, so all the traffic that takes place on the machine is monitored by the anti-virus program, which normally deletes or quarantines malicious code when found. Anti-Virus from Faronics incorporates multiple forms of protection into a layered security software, meaning your systems are safer in the long term.

The cybersecurity market offers a distinct indication that companies will continue to increase spending on programs like Anti-Virus in the future. In fact, a report published by Stratistics MRC estimated that the global cybersecurity market will grow from $74.2 billion to $224.48 billion from 2014 to 2022, at a compound annual growth rate of 14.84 percent. The report also found that anti-virus and anti-malware solutions will likely represent the highest value within the market. These numbers demonstrate that businesses in every sector are focused on protecting their data and making sure their systems are functioning properly.

How can Deep Freeze help?
Beyond Antivirus, Faronics also offers a product called Deep Freeze. This software is a reboot to restore program that takes a snapshot of computer settings. In the event that configurations have been modified as a result of the presence of malware, Deep Freeze can revert the system to the original settings from the snapshot, effectively wiping computers clean. Computers are abig part of every industry – so companies need to keep them clean. When Deep Freeze is deployed with Anti-Virus, systems can enjoy an enhanced level of security.

In addition, Deep Freeze is designed to work on nearly every kind of operating system – meaning you won’t have to upgrade your machines to install it. No matter where your computing equipment is housed or what type – a laptop in the break room or a desktop in your office – Deep Freeze can give your company the protection it needs.

Contact Faronics to see how we can help keep your IT managers happy and, ultimately, make sure every point in the supply chain is functioning to its fullest capacity.

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