Cloud systems offer better security

Cloud systems offer better security

Cloud technology has become a mainstay in enterprise settings, offering a range of benefits for companies and their employee users. However, main obstacles to the adoption of the cloud are concerns related to the platform’s security. Many of these worries emerged when cloud technology first came onto the market, and have since been proven false or otherwise addressed.

One of the biggest security concerns potential adopters have comes in connection with a perceived lack of control over infrastructure resources. Experts have noted, however, that administrative management varies from provider to provider. In addition, many cloud vendors have security protocols in place that are much more robust than those present for typical on-premise arrangements. For instance, cloud providers must comply with a range of standards depending upon what industries their clients operate in, offering boosted safeguards for customer data.

Besides keeping up with these standards, cloud vendors also utilize encryption to protect their client’s information. This security measure, which comes as part of a layered security approach, prevents any unauthorized access to sensitive material.

Other cloud benefits
Besides adhearing to higher security standards for sensitive data, cloud technology can also offer other advantages for enterprise users. A main benefit here is the cost savings that many companies experience when they replace their legacy on-premise systems with an advanced cloud infrastructure. Instead of purchasing and maintaining this equipment themselves, business users can leverage the servers and network components of their provider. The cloud vendor is also in charge of the upkeep of these machines, allowing enterprise IT teams to focus on other mission-critical aspects of the organization.

In addition, the cloud also offers the potential for global connections among geographically dispersed business locations. Because cloud systems are Web-based, any user with an Internet connection can access the materials. This means no matter where employees are operating from, they can connect with the enterprise applications and data they need to do their jobs. This is just the aspect that Faronics leveraged with Deep Freeze Cloud Connector, which is a special add-on subscription for Deep Freeze Enterprise users allowing administrators to access the Deep Freeze system via a cloud-based interface. With this capability, company leaders can utilize all the tools offered by Deep Freeze from any Internet-connected location. This makes maintaining, updating and securing workstations much easier through the power of the cloud.

Right now, Faronics is offering a 30-day trial of Deep Freeze Cloud Connector, enabling Deep Freeze Enterprise users to leverage all the benefits the solution offers before purchasing.

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