Cloud computing will encourage companies to shift security strategy

Cloud computing will encourage companies to shift security strategy

Cloud computing will make companies and government agencies rethink their computer security.

Cloud computing has its advantages. It allows for increased flexibility and functionality, but can also create a heightened security risk. According to Gartner, the increased adoption of cloud-based computing expected in 2013 will likely change many computer security strategies and application control, especially those for government agencies.

This change will come quick, according to researchers, with cloud-based security features overtaking traditional on-premise solutions in the next three years, according to analysts. Also, 10 percent of IT enterprise security products delivered in the cloud will focus on messaging, web security and remote vulnerability assessment.

Companies will decide to move to the cloud to save money, Gartner found, as well as to simplify security programs and provide more flexibility.

“Many companies seek first opportunities to migrate their existing workloads to a cloud computing system and/or application infrastructure,” Cloud Times reported. “This approach may offer advantages when the workload exhibits a highly variable resource requirements or when the application lends itself naturally to horizontal scalability.”

According to Network World, the U.S. government has already adopted a specific program to address security issues associated with the use of cloud services. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is expected to implement new compliance regimes regarding cloud computing and security. Gartner expects by 2016, public cloud-infrastructure will become subject to “critical national infrastructure regulations.”

Another recent study highlighted the expected security challenges created by an increasingly cloud-based and “digital lifestyle.” Smartphone and mobile device adoption, and the use of cloud services on them, will make it harder for people to manage and secure their devices.

“Different platforms, operating systems and security models will make it more difficult to protect ourselves than ever before,” the report stated.

Cyber criminals attacking cloud services will continue to be a serious threat in 2013, according to the report. Is this something your organization is concerned about? What are you doing to prepare for the rise of cloud computing threats this year?

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