Classroom management resolutions for 2015

Classroom management resolutions for 2015

Now that the holidays are over and schools are back in full swing, many teachers are setting goals for themselves and their classrooms in the new year. With so many school districts now employing digital education solutions and implementing 1:1 programs for tablets and laptops, many of those resolutions probably have to do with more effectively managing the classroom gadgets.

Create a sense of value
One of the more difficult aspects of utilizing technology in the classroom is making sure the devices are treated well by the students using them. Instilling not only the monetary value but the educational benefits of the hardware can help students to use the tablets and computers more carefully, as well as to appreciate the services they’re receiving from them.

Instill accountability 
Along with explaining how much a device costs or what advantages they offer to the learning process, teachers can also create value and better manage hardware by making the students accountable for their own devices. Implementing a check-in/check-out policy that links an individual tablet or laptop to a specific student makes each child responsible for the wellbeing of their machine and will help to reduce accidents and prolong the life of the devices.

Appoint student monitors
Putting the students themselves in charge of making sure the devices are distributed each morning and returned successfully at the end of the day drastically reduces the amount of oversight necessary for a teacher. By putting the daily administrative tasks related to the devices into the hands of the students, not only are educators giving their pupils more responsibility, but they are also creating more free time for themselves to focus on more pressing matters like organizing lesson plans.

Teach the tech
To fully realize the benefits a digital classroom has to offer, both the teacher and students have to understand the devices and programs they are using. Teaching students basic tech terms and providing step-by-step tutorials of the programs in place offers a deeper understanding of the technology and increases the advantages students can receive from it. Students who have an especially firm grasp of the programs and devices in play can be great classroom resources, serving as tutors or partners for the children who aren’t as quick to understand.

Employ Faronics Insight and Deep Freeze
Even the best teachers could still use a hand every once and a while, and classroom management and security software from Faronics is here to help. Faronics Insight an effective classroom management software provides educators with a central interface that makes using classroom tech easier in a number of ways: From restricting what kids can do online to providing interactive learning features, teachers are able to stay on top of everything with Insight.

Faronics Deep Freeze a system restore software takes care of all of the cybersecurity issues that can arise with classroom devices. Basic controls and settings can be put in place and returned to with a simple reboot if any unwanted changes are made either by users or malicious actors. Deep Freeze can be accessed through a unified control center and each endpoint on the network can be monitored and dealt with separately remotely or in house.

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