In the seemingly endless world of corporate data breaches, yet another health insurance company has become the victim of a cyber​attack. In mid-March, Premera Blue Cross announced that it had suffered a hack that exposed medical information for more than 11 million patients, making it the largest cyber​attack of its kind. Earlier this year, health insurance company Ant...
With so much emphasis being placed on technology these days, school districts around the country are desperately trying to find a way to integrate the educational benefits of new devices and software while still protecting the privacy of their students and staff. Unfortunately for many CTOs, integrating the two isn't as easy as they'd like. One of the major hurdles scho...
With data breaches and malware infections becoming an almost daily occurrence in the business world, many organizations are trying to find ways to improve their cybersecurity. As instances of cybercrime grow worse, it is becoming increasingly obvious that changes cannot be made without financial investments, and CFOs are starting to play a much larger role in the cybersecu...

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