Are Robots Replacing Teachers and Parents?

Are Robots Replacing Teachers and Parents?

Not too long ago a thought of every child coming to school with a laptop instead of their textbooks and notebooks (I mean the paper ones) seemed super-innovative. 

We imagined the possibilities: kids will reach out to infinite sources of knowledge on internet, will be able to research every subject on the fly, will ask teachers questions about assignments and homework via instant chats.  All those tools were supposed to take learning to new levels.  Yet, surprisingly, they all came with price tags and unexpected drawbacks 

Kids are using technology in their own fun-seeking ways:

  • Students spend more time on Facebook than doing project research on Internet. 
  • Gaming substituted outside activities.
  • Twitting and texting has overtaken face-to face conversations. 

Yet technology pushes forward and according to CNET’s “Reading, writing, arithmetic and…robots” now its robots that can help improve kids learning capapbilities and unleash their true potential.  According to the article kids have a very humanized view of robots and are looking for limitless patience and time that they can provide.  Quoting the article, robots are “better versions of our teachers and parents”. 

Reading this made me stop and “shudder”.  While offering amazing possibilities, we are looking for technology to substitute the time we spend with kids, care and attention with computers, games and now robots. Yet kids are searching for the same things they needed decades ago: fun, interaction, patience, knowledge transfer. In short they are looking for some parental love….I’m sure someone will come up with an app for that.

About The Author

Maria Osipova

Maria is a marketing campaign manager at Faronics by day and mom, reader, runner by night. Relying on coffee and iGoogle to manage the hectic days, she is interested in emerging technologies, tools for education and social marketing.

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