Biometrics – The final frontier in endpoint security

Biometrics – The final frontier in endpoint security

Apple, Sony, Yahoo, and numerous other companies have had their systems hacked. Companies are investing heavily into securing their IT infrastructure from attacks.

The question still remains as to how end-users can protect themselves from hackers. End-users deal with confidential data. Consider the following confidential data we use on a daily basis:

  • Personal email and password
  • Corporate email and password
  • Facebook login ID and password
  • Linked login ID and password
  • Internet banking login ID and password
  • Credit card login ID and password
  • Healthcare data accessed online
  • Tax information accessed online

The above credentials can be stolen and misused. Malware can be remotely installed on computers to steal data and transmit it across the globe where hackers compile, misuse, and sell the credentials to the highest bidder. A powerful Anti-Malware solution is the only solution to ensure endpoint security.

Apple is going one step further to ensure user-authentication is impeccable. Apple plans to use Biometrics in the near future. Apple acquired AuthenTec, a company specializing in Biometric security.

Imagine fingerprint recognition being integrated into smartphones. Scan your fingerprint and gain access to emails, Facebook, online banking, and hundreds of websites where your fingerprint can be used to authenticate your identity! Not to mention, you may no longer need to remember the numerous user IDs and passwords.

Fingerprint recognition for end-users may not be science fiction anymore. Fingerprint recognition may be widely adopted by end-users thereby turning into reality. Fingerprints may not be the final solution, but the first step towards the final solution against hackers. Voice recognition and Iris scan may follow soon.

Until then, a powerful Anti-Malware solution and Reboot-to-Restore technology are the only solutions to ensuring endpoint security.

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Heman Mehta

Heman, aka: He-Man, is the "Master of Deep Freeze" and VP of Product Management. He has been with Faronics for more than 10 years and is (of course) the biggest evangelist of Deep Freeze. When not living the "PM Lifestyle", you'll find him traveling the world—his last count was at about 38 countries visited.

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