Beyond Disaster Recovery: Innovative Ways Deep Freeze Enhances Data Security

Beyond Disaster Recovery: Innovative Ways Deep Freeze Enhances Data Security

While conventional disaster recovery plans concentrate on recovering data following a breach or failure, given the complexity of cyber threats, you need something more proactive and strong. Discover Deep Freeze by Faronics, a software that improves data security proactively beyond disaster recovery.


Understanding Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze is proprietary reboot-to-restore software that secures your computers by freezing a snapshot of your desired configuration. Every time you restart your computer, it reverts to its clean state, eliminating any undesired alterations. This ensures that your systems are constantly working smoothly and safely, no matter what happens during a user session.

Unlike standard disaster recovery systems that kick in after an issue occurs, Deep Freeze offers continuous protection. This preventive strategy means you may avoid many of the usual issues that lead to data loss or system failure in the first place.


Deep Freeze: Enhanced data security features 

Deep Freeze has several features that keep your data secure and your systems stable, protecting your computers from various threats.

1. Patented reboot to restore technology

Deep Freeze is built around unique Reboot to Restore technology. When you reboot your system, it erases all changes made during the session, whether they were caused by hostile attacks, human errors or software malfunctions. This means your computer always begins in a clean, secure state, safeguarding your data and maintaining system integrity. Deep Freeze’s ability to entirely delete any modifications with a single reboot makes it a dependable defense against persistent attacks and system corruption.

2. Automated system restoration

One of Deep Freeze’s most significant advantages is its automated system repair. There is no need for manual involvement to resolve issues; simply restart your computer. This automation reduces downtime and helps your organization run smoothly. Imagine having peace of mind knowing that any issue can be resolved with a simple reset. Automated system restoration saves time and eliminates the need for substantial IT assistance, allowing your staff to focus on more important duties.

3. Protection against unauthorized changes

Deep Freeze is also an effective method for ensuring compliance and preventing unwanted alterations. Restoring your system to its previous state after reboot guarantees that only permitted software and configurations are used. This helps to ensure compliance with software licensing and organizational policies, lowering the danger of unauthorized program installations or system modifications. Furthermore, it prohibits users from making unintentional or intentional changes that could jeopardize system security or operation.

4. Data retention options

Deep Freeze offers various data retention options via ThawSpaces and Thawed disks. These capabilities enable you to keep user data, profiles and crucial files even when the system reverts to its safe state. ThawSpaces function as virtual drives, allowing users to save their data without fear of losing it during a reboot. This balance between data preservation and system security ensures that your users can complete their tasks uninterrupted.

5. Centralized management

The Deep Freeze Enterprise Console is a centralized management application that enables IT managers to manage all workstations through a single interface. You can easily schedule maintenance chores, update software, and control system settings. This centralized control improves security by consistently applying security policies across all workstations. It also simplifies management, making keeping a secure and effective IT environment easier.


Innovative security measures

Deep Freeze offers several security measures that go beyond the basics to protect your systems. Here’s how it keeps your data safe and your systems running smoothly:

  • Real-time threat mitigation: Deep Freeze combats evolving cyber threats like malware and ransomware by restoring your system to a secure state with each reboot. Even if malware gets through, it won’t survive the next restart. No hidden threats linger — Deep Freeze takes care of it all.
  • User data retention: While Deep Freeze erases system changes on reboot, it keeps user data safe with features like ThawSpaces and Thawed drives. These virtual drives store user data, profiles and important files without compromising security. Your data remains safe and accessible, even as the system resets to its protected state.
  • Centralized management and control: Managing multiple workstations can be a headache, but Deep Freeze simplifies this with its Enterprise Console. This centralized tool lets IT administrators control all workstations from one interface. You can schedule maintenance, update software and manage settings without leaving your desk. This control boosts security and efficiency, keeping all systems protected and up-to-date.

Future-proofing your data security

Deep Freeze provides additional security measures to secure your systems. Here’s how it protects your data and keeps your systems functioning efficiently.

Deep Freeze protects your system from continually changing cyber threats such as malware and ransomware by reverting it to a secure state with each reboot. Even if malware or a virus makes it through, it will not survive the following restart. You don’t have to be concerned about hidden risks in your system; Deep Freeze handles everything, delivering peace of mind and constant protection.

While Deep Freeze erases system modifications upon reboot, it also allows you to protect user data with features such as ThawSpaces and Thawed disks. These virtual disks can store user data, profiles and crucial files while maintaining security. This ensures that your data remains safe and accessible even after the system is reset to its protected state. This balance ensures that you may retain security without sacrificing productivity.

Deep Freeze’s Enterprise Console makes it easier to manage several workstations. This consolidated application allows IT managers to manage all workstations from a single interface, simplifying the process of scheduling maintenance, upgrading software and managing settings. By consolidating all of these tasks in one location, you improve both security and efficiency, ensuring that all of your systems are constantly protected and up to date. Deep Freeze’s seamless integration of these capabilities makes it a comprehensive solution for ensuring strong data protection across your organization.



In today’s cybersecurity environment, traditional disaster recovery procedures are insufficient. Deep Freeze by Faronics improves data security by offering continuous protection. Our software keeps your systems secure and functioning smoothly by providing features such as Reboot to Restore technology, automated system restoration and security against unwanted alterations. Its real-time threat mitigation, user data retention options and centralized management capabilities help to boost your security strategy.

Moreover, Deep Freeze is scalable, versatile and easily integrated with other security systems, making it an excellent choice for enterprises of all sizes. Deep Freeze can help you reduce IT support issues, ensure compliance and fight against sophisticated threats.

Are you ready to improve your data security? Contact Faronics today to learn more and begin your free trial. Deep Freeze provides genuine data security.


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