Avoid Pepper Spray and Parking Wars By Shopping Online!

Avoid Pepper Spray and Parking Wars By Shopping Online!

The Holiday Season is a time filled with cheer and joy. It’s a time to unwind and appreciate the people that we care about. It’s a time when great food and drinks are shared in front of a fireplace with your closest friends and family. The holidays are a special time of year!

Look, a Tickle Me Elmo!!

Unfortunately, the weeks leading up to the holidays are not always so special. From hectic travel schedules and unpredictable weather to frustrating in-laws and uncomfortable pull-out beds, many of us lose sleep and end up living on the edge of reason until our holiday preparation duties are complete.

In fact, a recent Ebates survey conducted online by Harris Interactive discovered that nearly all U.S. adults age 18+ who typically shop for the holiday season (96%) are dreading some aspect of holiday shopping. The study showed 14% of Americans even admit to misbehaving in stores during the holidays, including cutting in line, fighting over a parking space, and even physically grabbing or fighting over an item. To make matters even worse a string of Black Friday violence, including a shooting outside a Walmart and pepper-sprayed shoppers, swept the country during the early hours of the morning.

All things considered, it is no surprise that many consumers are opting out of the holiday rush and choosing to shop from the comfort of their own housecoats. Unfortunately, as documented in our “Deal Or Steals” article, online shopping can bring its own set of risks to the table this holiday season.


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