Are You a Social Weakling? Start Small and Get HUGE!!

Are You a Social Weakling? Start Small and Get HUGE!!

Have you ever wondered how the most popular kid in school earned his crown? Hint: he didn’t simply pull into the parking lot in his ’69 Camaro, open his cherry red door, step out in his worn leather jacket, and boom – high school stardom!

It’s more likely that he started small with a few well timed quips. Maybe he made a few kids laugh in class, built some confidence, and threw a successful party. The next thing you know – he is class president, varsity captain, and dating the “it” girl.

The rise to ‘social media’ supremacy can happen in the same way for many people in the business world. Held back by an old school approach to relationships and a lack of knowledge about social media platforms; many professionals simply think they cannot be effective in the social media arena. Jeffery Gitomer says it best, “Social media is not going away. My bet is that your business social media presence is lacking. And there is not one good reason for it, other than your foresight is limited by your insight.”

Start small with bigger things in mind. Set short-term goals that are achievable but push you further each and every week. Begin by augmenting your LinkedIn profile and expanding your network. Use LinkedIn to connect and communicate with colleagues and clients. From there, give your Twitter account some life. Start sharing information that’s important to you and your business. Once your legs are warmed up, move onto YouTube videos and Facebook pages. In time, consider a dashboard platform and tie it all together to build some real muscle.

In business, being popular is always a good thing! Work on growing your stock each and every day through social media efforts. Don’t just take our word for it, read Jeffery Gitomer’s article “The social revolution and your evolution” and learn how to get HUGE! Also, bookmark and leverage the Faronics blog to generate new ideas, share breaking news, and learn about new platforms and tools.

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Braden Cave

Braden works closely with our global network of channel partners to implement marketing strategies and expand our reach. Brand strategy is also a passion of his and Braden is thrilled to be a part of the Faronics brand evolution.

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