Amerikit Has A Big Impact On Library IT

Amerikit Has A Big Impact On Library IT

In partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Amerikit Technology Solutions (ATS) proudly rolled-out the largest library technology program in U.S. history. Their team developed a customized custom-built Public Access Computer (PAC) and managed the roll out of over 60,000 of them to over 15,000 libraries across the US.

As you can imagine, libraries see their fair share of traffic. People are in and out every day, using the computers with no regard for how they treat them. This can easily require a good deal of IT support to maintain these machines. The PACs Amerikit built gave Librarians the ability to offer web services to the public without having to disrupt their everyday duties to manage the machines.

While Amerikit’s focus is on providing library IT personnel with products that reduce software issues and the need for IT support, their offering extends far beyond that. They also develop and maintain software images, handle nationwide deployments and provide laptop depot services. And like Faronics, ATS takes a customer-centric approach to offering these services.

We are proud to have Amerikt as a Faronics Preferred Partner. Check out their website to find out more information.

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