Addressing risks and threats is an ongoing process

Addressing risks and threats is an ongoing process

We would all like to believe that enterprise cybersecurity is an easy issue to handle. Drop a firewall in place and forget about it, right? 

The fact of the matter is that this sentiment could not be farther from the truth. Not only do businesses have to put more than one kind of defense in place, but they also have to continuously re-examine what is working and what might be prone to failure. 

"The changing nature of the threat landscape and the ever-growing sophistication of hackers means that the way organizations protect themselves against advanced cyber-attacks must change too," wrote ITProPortal contributor Sean Newman. "Hackers are no longer focused on what was traditionally deemed to be their destination – the perimeter of the enterprise. They're now focused on the journey itself, leveraging an array of attack vectors, taking endless form-factors, launching attacks over time and cleverly hiding the leakage of data."

Layered security must be a priority
There are a multitude of different threats that reside in cyberspace – malware in itself has various incarnations that each have their own method to madness. As much as some will want to think otherwise, no one solution can protect against every conceivable risk out there. This is primarily because new avenues for attack are reported nearly every day.

It was recently discovered that an exploit in the popular Internet Explorer browser can be easily turned against its users, leading malicious hackers to scores of sensitive information essentially just by asking where it is. Because it is so integrated with Windows operating systems, there are many processes involved in IE which allow it to examine the contents of the machine in question. While this can be useful to those who use IE for its intended purpose, it also allows malware to effortlessly locate and obtain privileged data.

This is just one example of how people never really know what they are using on their computer. While convenience and connectivity have gotten businesses a long way, it is still shaky ground to walk on.

Covering the most bases
In light of considerations like this, enterprises have to create a varied strategy of defense. There are a number of ways in which criminals can get into private servers, many of which have not even been discovered yet. Because of this, one form of protection alone will not do the job.

While it is important to invest in several lines of defense, there are some products that should be looked to as cornerstones for protection. One program that fits this bill is Faronics Deep Freeze. This program works on the idea that almost all problems can be fixed with a reboot. This course of action has not traditionally been considered viable, as it requires the IT to perform a wipe and manually restore user settings – a process that is not the most reliable. 

But Deep Freeze takes this concept and makes it a functional solution. By taking periodic system snapshots that record the settings of a given user, employees can engage a reboot to restore operation that preserves their workstations while simultaneously ridding the machine of harmful programming. In a world where someone can easily be persuaded to click a link or send money when threatened with fake criminal charges, having an asset like Deep Freeze can make all the difference when put in a high-pressure situation. 

Cybersecurity a constant battle
While it is going to take a continued effort by organizations to protect their information, there is still one program that will always be able to stand up against evolving threats – Deep Freeze from Faronics. When paired with other Faronics cyberdefenses, Deep Freeze can be the crown jewel of any security strategy.

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