3 Ways Restaurants Benefit from Computer Management Software

3 Ways Restaurants Benefit from Computer Management Software

There’s a lot more tech going into modern food service than meets the eye, and a whole lot more to come just around the bend. As restaurants continue to become more reliant on computers, owners will need a bit of help in the form of computer management software.




Here are three ways a solution such as Faronics Deep Freeze can supply this help:

1. Insights, Monitoring and Control

One of the big trends in the food-service industry is the deployment of self-service kiosks that let customers place an order digitally. This can speed up lines and give businesses a chance to cut down on labor costs. A recent example is fast-food chain McDonalds, which started using these self-service tools in many locations last year, according to Business Insider.

The only downside of kiosks is the maintenance that goes into having them. Deep Freeze addresses this problem in several ways. With insights and monitoring, admins can know exactly how these kiosks are being used, so as to make sure that no questionable activity is occurring. This is especially important for restaurants that repurpose computers as customer service kiosks. To this end, Deep Freeze makes it easy to transform any computer system into a kiosk by only allowing specific applications to run.

2. Updates Made Easy

Point-of-sale systems, computers in the office and customer-facing kiosks must all be regularly updated to defend against the most recent cyberthreats. This can be time-consuming when handled manually. But shirking this responsibility can result in a hack that may compromise customer payment data and other sensitive company information.

Here’s the good news: With the automatic software updater tool of Deep Freeze, restaurant admins can easily maintain their computing environment by scheduling convenient times for patches to be applied – no late-night computer maintenance necessary.

3. A Cyberattack Clean Sweep

Last year, Landry’s Restaurants, owner of more than 40 popular food chains, experienced a point-of-sale hack. Customers who used credit or debit cards at select restaurant locations between the dates of May 2014 and March 2015 may have had their payment data compromised as a result. The restaurant industry has never been more susceptible to POS malware than it is now.

Once again, computer management software from Faronics addresses this problem with reboot to restore functionality. The ability to reset an entire computing environment with a quick system restart will wipe any malware living in the system clean. Performing these clean sweeps regularly may help prevent incidents such as the one that plagued Landry’s Restaurant for months on end.

To learn more about Deep Freeze features that are useful to restaurants, contact Faronics today.

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