Faronics Deep Freeze Cloud Connector & Gilchrist County School District
"I describe the Cloud Connector as one place to rule them all. It has been vital to our environment and my team could not do without it."
- Aaron Wiley, Director of Instructional Technology, Gilchrist County School District
Challenges faced

Gilchrist County is a top 10 rated school district in the state of Florida that has been recognized throughout the state for their high expectations and proven results. Operating 3,000 Windows workstations across two towns with only three team members was no easy feat. They also found it challenging to keep the computer labs at each school up-to-date due to regular updates from programs like Flash and Shockwave, and bi-weekly updates from Java. To add to these challenges, the antivirus software that was implemented at the time was resource intensive and slowing workstations down.

A Solution That Worked

Gilchrist County school district deployed Deep Freeze Cloud Connector. As an existing Deep Freeze Enterprise customer, they deployed the Cloud Connector so they could manage the computers from the web. The IT department also deployed Software Updater that kept important software, browsers, and plugins updated on all computers. The IT department saved a lot of manpower and they did not have to keep track of all the newly updated software – Software Updater would keep them updated always.




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Faronics Deep Freeze Cloud Connector & Gilchrist County School District