Faronics Deep Freeze Cloud and Davidson-Davie Community College
"One of the best parts of Deep Freeze Cloud is the silent update setting. We never have to interrupt someone's workflow or experience to conduct necessary system maintenance. This software enables us to access the system remotely, conduct any necessary updates, and complete any maintenance in minutes."
- Donald Beck,
Director of Information Technology Services, Davidson-Davie Community College
Challenges faced

The History – disappearing icons and the discovery of Deep Freeze

Nineteen years ago, the IT team on campus struggled with student and faculty reports of disappearing icons and missing printers. This meant Tim and his team spent a significant amount of time recovering the missing shortcuts and reinstalling printers. Tim recalled how they heard about Deep Freeze at a conference in North Carolina: "We found out that it would allow us to Freeze the computers. Once they are in a Frozen state, if your student, by mistake, accidentally deleted something, just reboot and it came back. It became a wonderful time saver for all of us here. "

Today – managing a large fleet at a social distance

Donald and Tim found that at a time when they had unprecedented staffing challenges, they were spending too much time manually maintaining their satellite campuses. The IT team would spend hours traveling on-site, manually diagnosing and updating each machine. Additionally, security updates needed to be rolled out more consistently to better protect the fleet. During COVID, the need for remote support intensified as the IT staff were working from home part time.

A Solution That Worked

Davidson-Davie Community College deployed Deep Freeze Cloud on 2500 computers. Deep Freeze was primarily being used on classroom computers. The IT team chose to migrate over to Deep Freeze Cloud to maintain all of the College devices because it included all the tools they needed in one console. Being able to manage these computers from anywhere was vital to maintain a high level of support for staff and students during the pandemic.

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Faronics Deep Freeze Cloud and Davidson-Davie Community College
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