Faronics Deep Freeze and State of Franklin Healthcare Associates
“Deep Freeze has not stopped the contaminations, but fixing infected machines is as simple as rebooting
the computer. Deep Freeze is our last line of defense.”
- Mr. Spooner
Challenges faced

The State of Franklin Healthcare Associates required a solution to help manage the 250 workstations spread out amongst the organization’s eight physical locations, including six clinics, one lab, and one administration office. Spyware can compromise a healthcare organization’s ability to ensure HIPAA compliance, because of the security risk it represents.
The IT department used several anti-spyware and adware removal solutions, but found the workstations were not getting completely cleaned. This was not only a tedious 3 hour task to rebuild, it also meant machines were at risk of breaching HIPAA compliance.

A Solution That Worked

The State of Franklin Healthcare Associates deployed Deep Freeze on their computers to combat the growing problem of spyware on their computers. Computer could now be fixed with a simple reboot and it took only a few seconds instead of a few hours. Deep Freeze ensured strong HIPAA compliance due to automatic removal of spyware.