Faronics Deep Freeze and City Inn
"Faronics Deep Freeze was recommended strongly by Apple, and since it is hard to find a solution like this for a Mac, we quickly jumped on the opportunity to purchase it."
- Richard Pemberton, Head of Information Technology for City
Challenges faced

Founded in 1995, City Inn is a hotel chain focused on conceiving, designing, building and operating contemporary hotels to the highest engineering standards in prime city center locations through the United Kingdom. Protecting guest confidentiality was a chief concern for City Inn. Often, their clientele included high-profile guests such as politicians, so security and confidentiality was a necessity. For these guests, the assurance of having a solution that removes any trace of work or files they have used was very important.

A Solution That Worked

To ensure strict confidentiality for their high-profile guests, City Inn deployed Deep Freeze on their computers. Files saved by the users are removed immediately upon reboot. A new guest cannot access the files generated by the previous guest and this was a critical feature in addition to preserving computer configuration across all computers.