Faronics Deep Freeze for Cloud & INTERSERVE
We needed a solution that allowed clients to work on a PC and take tests without leaving any data on it at the end of the day
- Interserve Representative
Challenges faced

With the reboot to restore functionality of Faronics Deep Freeze, Interserve was able to turn back the clock and give each and every one of its PCs a refresh with the touch of a button. As a result, users could rest assured that any traces of sensitive data would not end up in the hands of someone else, and new users could be guaranteed PCs that were spick and span. The best part is that little to no IT intervention was necessary for this simplified computer maintenance process, which allows Interserve staff to focus on other critical tasks.

A Solution That Worked

We were already using the on-premises Deep Freeze solution with the servers in our demilitarized zone and a separate multiprotocol label switching for the client PCs connecting to the servers in the DMZ. But we wanted to simplify the environment even more alongside upgrading and increasing the size of the solution.

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