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What Can Software Vendors Do To Quicken VAR Onboarding?

Quicker Onboard for VARSIT Analyst firm Gartner estimates that Value Added Resellers take an average of six months to produce their first independent sale with a newly onboarded vendor.

That means that even AFTER the VAR has determined the perfect fit (margin dollars, product portfolio fit, target market fit, etc)? Profit is still months, sometimes years, later.

Let’s face it. Both the VAR and the vendor equally play a role in this. Naturally they each want this journey to be as short as possible. After all, an ROI (especially in this economy) is critical. Who has time to wait? Do you?

How can the players (VAR, LAR, MSP, Distributor & Vendor) help each other reduce profit time from 6-12 months to 6 weeks?  The answer is a dedicated onboarding program.

Ask your vendor today what they’re doing to increase the speed that your business will become profitable. You’ll thank me!



Luke Aulin