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What A Day In The World. Google-rola, Anonymous And Another Korean Breach.

So many things going on all in one day.  Here’s a quick run down of whats happened:

  1. Google is purchasing Motorola for 12.5 billion dollars.
    Depending on who you talk to this could change the smartphone world or just Google buying patents.  Here are two articles from Business Insider: http://ow.ly/63JDb and http://ow.ly/63JGr
  2. Anonymous has done it again.  
    This time they have released 2,000 names, addresses, phone numbers and emails from the San Francisco area rapid transit system.  This is another to add to the ever growing list of websites hacked and innocent people’s information stolen by Anonymous. Anonymous threat against Facebook last week here: http://ow.ly/63LsV
  3. Another Korean company has been breached.
    This time its GOMTV.net, who has been the victim.  GOMTV.net has had 35,000 customer accounts leaked which contain names, email addresses and passwords.  All of which could be turned into spear phishing or of course spam. More info here: http://ow.ly/63Lo8

Very busy day in the news world. It’s only Monday!

Jordan Harris