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Hackers Press The Schmooze Button

Managing Insider ThreatsNot all hacking is high tech. With corporations spending tens of billions on security these days, it’s getting harder for hackers to penetrate security defenses. That’s why many hackers are reverting to low tech methods to get the information they need.  A recent Wall Street Journal article turned up a couple of examples of how it can be done:

Pose as an Employee

On Oracle’s web site, a security expert found photos of a company party with the employees wearing ID badges. Using this information he was able to access Oracle’s systems.

Pose as a Customer

A security consultant got customer data by telling customer service rep his wife was using a false name to open a bank account.

Pose as a Pest Inspector

A security auditor claims he has “robbed” over 1,000 banks in paid tests, by pretending to be an exterminator.

Pose as a Copier Repairman

A security expert once walked through a major New York bank by pretending he was a copier repairman before walking off with bags of customer records.

At the end of the day, organizations need to invest in security that protects against both outside and inside threats. To learn more on insider threats attend an upcoming webinar on November 3rd entitled: Managing Insider Threats: 4 Risks You Need To Mitigate

Bim Parmar

Bim oversees all aspects of global marketing including corporate communications, product marketing, demand generation, and the company’s presence on the Web. He has over 16 years of experience in Enterprise and Security software working at McAfee Security and Business Objects.