Faronics Deep Freeze and the University of Kentucky

This case study demonstrates that Deep Freeze and Microsoft Application Virtualization (also known as App-V and formerly called SoftGrid) are excellent complements to each other. In 2008 the University of Kentucky began incorporating App-V into their computing environments. “We were running into situations where one program was conflicting with another,” says Paul Glenn, University of Kentucky’s Student Lab System Administrator. “What App-V gives us is the ability to run individual applications inside a self-contained environment, which keeps the programs from interfering with each other or the operating system itself.” Deep Freeze prevents any configuration drift from taking place, and App-V manages the program environments. If program data needs to be preserved, administrators have the option to either create a ThawSpace (an unprotected area where data can be preserved across sessions) or modify the registry settings to have App-V redirect the data to an alternate local or network drive

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