Faronics Power Save and the School District of the Chathams

Power Save & School District of the Chatham Reaps Rewards of PC Power Management
by Kelly Batke

Because energy usage by computers is not itemized individually, many school districts, like the School District of the Chathams are unaware of the extensive amount of electricity used by their PCs.

John Abdelmalak, Director of Technology for the school district, knew that reducing PC energy consumption the school district could save a significant amount of energy, and more importantly, money. The district turned to Faronics Power Save to power down their workstations during periods of inactivity.

“All of the projects including Power Save have had a significant impact on our green efforts,” said Abdelmalak.

Any hesitation experienced from staff was quickly dismissed when they learned the benefits of PC power management. Not only has the district increased their energy efficiency, but they have prevented unnecessary spending on utilities that would otherwise be cut from other programs.

By employing green projects, like the adoption of a dedicated PC power management solution, the district is not only helping the environment, but they are sending a strong message to future generations of students.