Faronics Power Save and Caixa Manlleu

Modern financial organization adopts PC Power Management
by Dmitry Shesterin

Caixa Manlleu has been in financial business for over 100 years and maintains a strong focus on environmental responsibility and its operational sustainability principles. Executing on the objective to reduce its environmental impact, Caixa Manlleu has deployed Faronics PC power management solution Power Save on all of its computers.

Power Save’s ability to provide flexible configuration options allows this financial organization to benefit from active PC power management on all its computers regardless of their individual usage patterns.

Power Save takes PC power management beyond inactivity of the keyboard and mouse, it unlocks significant value in its ability to manage PC power consumption based on disk, CPU, and network activity.

Caixa Manlleu takes advantage of PC power management in an optimized fashion, it saves electricity whenever possible, and allows dedicated critical applications to have priority over PC power management policies to ensure flawless IT operations.

Initial Return on Investment estimates based on Power Save’s audit reports projected a break-even within six months. After Power Save has been fully deployed, Faronics’ PC power management solution started to generate 17.71 € per computer per year in energy savings, delivering full Return on Investment within two months.