Faronics Deep Freeze and Mobile County Public School System

Faronics Helps Mobile County Public School System Reduce IT Support Significantly
by Maryam Mahjoub

Mobile County Public School System is a K-12 school district located in Mobile, Alabama. District wide there are 20,000 student, teacher and administrator workstations that run Windows XP. There are also 500 file servers that serve the district. To manage all this computing infrastructure, Mobile County Public School System has sixteen IT personnel, which compared to other education institutions of the same size, is about 80% smaller in IT support personnel.

Mobile County Public School System faced day-to-day IT problems typical of any multi-user computing environment. Workstations were wide open to viruses, spyware, malware and accidental or malicious software changes. Malicious software changes were a big problem in the high, middle, and elementary school computers and computer labs, causing Mobile County’s work order program to be inundated with service calls. They were looking to help reduce IT support calls and alleviate the strain on IT personnel, and turned to Faronics Deep Freeze as their solution.

Having IT personnel fix the issues while trying to keep up with new computer installs, projects, and managing the other 100 plus service calls that come into the work order program daily is an enormous, if not impossible, task with a staff of only sixteen. The team needed to reduce IT support so they could focus on the bigger tasks at hand.

Simple to install, Faronics Deep Freeze offers 100% workstation recovery on restart without restricting user access. This helped reduce IT support calls significantly, and ensured workstations were always available for students free of spyware, malware, and viruses.