Faronics Deep Freeze and 1st Pacific Credit Union

Faronics Deep Freeze Helps 1st Pacific Credit Union Reduce IT Support
by Ryan Majeau

How many IT staff members does it take to repair a corrupted computer? At 1st Pacific Credit Union the answer was sometimes as many as three. Sounds like a problem doesn’t it? It was.

User complaints ranged from non-functioning applications to sudden and random computer shutdowns. User productivity was becoming significantly impacted and the resource drain on IT staff was overwhelming. It didn’t help that most of the workstations were custom-built and made up of old computer parts from various machines. Surprise, surprise—the machines were constantly breaking down. Calls to software vendors to help troubleshoot were going nowhere as the response times were always quite high.

“We’d still spend hours figuring out what’s wrong with the workstation while waiting for the vendor to respond,” said Michael Anders, Network Security Administrator for 1st Pacific Credit Union.

The tedious and frequent troubleshooting requests were also preventing the IT team from tending to more critical matters. Staff definitely needed to reduce IT support and Faronics Deep Freeze, an instant system restore solution, allowed them to do just that.

“Deep Freeze is a no-brainer. You install and forget it. All workstations return to their initial trouble-free state upon a reboot,” said Anders, “It made life a lot easier once it was deployed and I wasn’t coming to work in the morning to find my voicemail full of user complaints.”

So now at 1st Pacific Credit Union how many IT staff members does it take to repair a corrupted computer? Zero. Corrupted computers are a thing of the past!