Introducing Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.2

We are happy to announce the release of a brand new version of Deep Freeze Enterprise! In addition to some bug fixes, Deep Freeze fans can expect to see a host of new improvements. Download version 8.2 from Faronics Labs today.


New Modern Look

You can now view the Enterprise Console in a cooler, more modern look. Navigate to View > Modern Look in the top toolbar. Don’t worry, fans who are used to the original buttons can select the Classic Look option. We have also rearranged the toolbar and context menus for clarity and fixed many cosmetic issues.



Dynamically Filtered Groups

You’re probably asking yourself, but the Enterprise Console already allows me to create a filtered group by workstation name? Yep, but we have completely revamped this feature so not only can you filter by workstation name but also with another 10 options. In addition to to the dual “and/or” filter criteria, these groups are still dynamic so your groups will always be accurate whenever the workstation details change. Advanced users can even use regular expressions.




Remote Launch / Push & Launch

Some Enterprise Console users are not aware of the current Custom Actions feature that allows you to execute specific programs on Deep Freeze computers. Custom Actions is an advanced feature that requires the PSExec application to be installed on the computer.

We have