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Faronics Deep Freeze creates a frozen snapshot of the system configuration as desired by the IT administrators, and restores the computer to that predefined state of configuration with each reboot. Its Reboot to Restore Technology also offers an instant solution for multiple system issues, as all the changes, unintentional or malicious, made on the system are reversed and system is restored to its original pristine state with each reboot. This reboot restore software thus eliminates the requirement of using complex system restore methods, such as reimaging and troubleshooting. Deep Freeze makes endpoints virtually indestructible and immune to malware attacks and advanced threats by providing bulletproof system protection and recovery features.
Windows system restore software
Patented Reboot To Restore Technology


Deep Freeze by Faronics uses patented Reboot to Restore Technology. It works as a kernel-level driver that redirects all the changes being made to the hard disk or partition and protects the integrity of the drive by keeping the original data intact.
Reboot To Restore Software - Reduce It Tickets


By removing all unauthorized changes performed on the system, Deep Freeze by Faronics warrants complete workstation recovery with each reboot. Customers using Deep Freeze have reported a 63% reduction in IT service tickets.
Reboot Restore Software


By deploying Deep Freeze, end-users can simply restart the system to quickly restore it back to its frozen pristine state when it crashes without depending on the IT support. This significantly reduces computer downtime and increases user productivity.
Windows Restore Software


With Deep Freeze, end-users can fix common system issues independently with a quick reboot. This reduces their reliance on IT support and enables the IT personnel to focus on more complex technology tasks.

Secure and Control your Computers with Deep Freeze

Enterprise System Restore Software
Enterprise Console

The Enterprise Console of Deep Freeze enables the IT administrators to centrally deploy, configure, and update all Deep Freeze-managed computers across the network. The central management capabilities of the console helps IT personnel to remotely execute and control software on all workstations. IT administrators can also create a customized console as per their requirement to suit the specific
enterprise needs.

Restore Software

Maintenance Tasks

By deploying Deep Freeze, IT administrators can schedule different maintenance periods to perform Windows updates automatically or run custom batch files to update other third-party software. This reboot restore software can apply system updates as per the scheduled Thawed periods and returns the systems back to the Frozen state automatically when the update is complete.

Restore Software
Reboot and Restore Software
Management Features

Through the Enterprise Console, system administrators can schedule tasks, such as Thaw, Thaw Locked and Freeze, to occur once or on a regular basis. The ‘User Defined Groups’ makes it easy to remotely manage workstations. It comes with robust power management features, using which various actions like Restart, Shutdown and Wake-on-LAN can be performed on demand or on a scheduled basis.

Windows Reboot To Restore Software

Windows Restore

The Reboot to Restore technology of Deep Freeze offers quick windows system restore on reboot, that helps users to restore their PCs to a predetermined system configuration during a system breakdown event. This robust system recovery solution by Faronics is compatible with all latest versions of Windows OS, including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Windows Reboot To Restore Software
Mac Reboot To Restore Software
Mac OS Restore

By instantly restoring Mac systems on reboot, Deep Freeze makes Macs virtually indestructible. This Reboot Restore software supports various latest versions of MacOS X and offers powerful Mac recovery solutions, thus eliminating the need of keeping multiple system snapshots to store necessary settings, files and applications.

Reboot to Restore Software for Cloud

Deep Freeze for the Cloud

Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore functionality is now available on the cloud. Deep Freeze on Cloud provides a unified platform to manage, secure and control your Windows and Mac systems. It comes with a simple web-based console that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. IT professionals can now perform critical actions through a web browser, or from their mobile.

Reboot to Restore Software for Cloud

Advantages of Reboot to Restore Technology over Windows System Restore Utility

There a number of system restore software available as inbuilt programs with Windows 7 and later versions. These utility tools provide a number of recovery and restoration options to PC users.
Windows 7 System Restore
Restore Windows 7
The System Restore program in Windows 7 automatically creates a restore point every time a new application, driver, or OS update is installed. When the program is executed, the configuration is rolled back to the restore point without affecting the personal files. Windows 7 also has the option of Startup Repair, which is a tool for recovering damaged or missing files.
Windows 8 System Restore Software
Restore Windows 8
This Windows version has an additional option of ‘Refresh your PC,’ which resolves many performance-related issues without affecting personal user files. The options is available under the Recovery tools suite under Settings. If refreshing does not work, users can restore their PC to an earlier configuration using the inbuilt Windows restore software, which has the same functionality in all versions of the Windows OS. The ultimate recovery option in Windows 8 is to reset the PC to factory settings.
Windows 10 System Restore Software
Restore Windows 10
Users can either use Windows System Restore to rollback a previous configuration or reset their PC to factory defaults. Resetting the PC discards both system and personal files. Windows reset functionality comes with three options - “keep my files”, “remove everything”, and “restore factory settings”. ‘Keep my files’ option removes all user-made system changes and re-installs the OS while keeping personal files of users intact. Opting for the ‘Remove everything’ option deletes personal files as well, while ‘Restore factory settings’ reinstalls the OS version that was shipped with the device. The last option is, however, not available with all the PC.

Limitations of inbuilt System Restore Software in Windows OS

  • The advanced system restore programs of Windows require fair bit of technical knowledge to be executed.
  • Windows System Restore, in general, is a time-intensive process.
  • System Restore consumes significant disk space as it creates a restore point before every configuration change or at predefined intervals.
  • Users may lose their personal files if they overlook the backup option before initiating recovery.
  • If users upgrade to Windows 8.1 and have the recovery partition of Windows 8, resetting the PC rolls back Windows 8, making them upgrade again.
  • System Restore may leave traces of malware that are too sophisticated or elusive.

Benefits of Deep Freeze over Windows Restore Software

Deep Freeze allows users to restore the pristine system configuration with a simple reboot. Unlike Windows System Restore and Recovery, it does not require any technical expertise to be executed.
Deep Freeze is an instant restoration software that does not involve lengthy process. Users can simply reboot and restore the desired state of the system.
Since Deep Freeze locks-in the desired configuration once, it consumes only a small fraction of the memory and does not require an additional drive to perform restoration.
The Thaw Spaces, Thawed drive and Thawed state ensure that users’ personal files are safe even after the device rolls back after a reboot.
Deep Freeze makes the pristine configuration impenetrable, ensuring all types of malicious changes are completely removed after reboot.
Deep Freeze also allows scheduled reboot, which restores the pristine state even if there is no one to reboot the device.
Unlike Windows restore utility, Deep Freeze is compatible with all latest Windows editions, and functions optimally even with Windows system upgrades.

How to Install Reboot Restore Software - Deep Freeze

  1. Click here and download the Deep Freeze Standard setup file
  2. Extract the file and Run DFStd.exe to begin the installation process.
  3. Click Next > Click I agree to the terms in the License Agreement > Click Next.
  4. For Free 30 days trial, select the Use Evaluation checkbox to install Deep Freeze in Evaluation mode (The Evaluation period ends 30 days after installation). > Click Next.
  5. From the list of drives displayed, select the drives you wish to Freeze. > Click Next.
  6. ThawSpace – A virtual partition for storing programs, save files, or for making permanent changes. All data stored in the ThawSpace is retained after a reboot, even if the system is Frozen. A ThawSpace can be created on both Frozen or Thawed drives. Select the Create ThawSpace check box if you want to create one now and specify the details. > Click Next.
  7. Click Install to begin the installation. The computer restarts immediately after the installation is complete.
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