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Patented Restore on Reboot Technology

Deep Freeze: Patented Restore on Reboot Technology

Deep Freeze by Faronics is the leading software solution for the maintenance and management of multi-user and public computing environments. The restore on reboot mechanism forms the core functionality of this solution. Deep Freeze enables the IT administrators to preserve a clean system configuration as the preferred baseline and prevent it from all types of unwanted changes. By keeping the desired state of the device intact, Deep Freeze allows IT personnel to just reboot and restore the pristine configuration every time a device malfunctions. The magic lies in the non-restrictive nature of the restore on reboot functionality which eliminates the need to lock down computers. With Deep Freeze at their disposal, IT professionals can provide unrestricted computer access with confidence and enhance end-users’ experience without worrying about recurring system issues and configurational drifts.

Secure and Instantly Recover your Computers with Deep Freeze

Configuration Preservation Leveraging the restore on reboot technology, Deep Freeze functions at the kernel level to prevent the MBR (Master Boot Record) from rootkit injections and other malicious alterations. By installing this reboot and restore software, users can preserve their desired system configuration as the baseline and update it as and when required. Once the software is activated, all the inputs generated during a live session are redirected to a temporary space instead of inducing any permanent changes to the system configuration. Every time the computer is rebooted, the temporary space is discarded along with the user-induced changes and the pristine baseline configuration is restored. To make any permanent changes to the preserved state, users who have the administrative access need to disable Deep Freeze, implement the desired changes, and enable it again. This will update the earlier preserved configuration and establish a new baseline state. When the restore on reboot functionality of Deep Freeze is active, unauthorized changes made by users like modifying system settings or downloading and installing programs, cookies, corrupt files, or any other unwanted elements do not have a permanent effect on the baseline configuration. Most importantly, even changes made by malicious threats like ransomware, malware, viruses, and even zero-day threats are discarded upon rebooting the computer. In this way, a reboot restore solution like Deep Freeze makes the computer virtually indestructible.

Instantaneous Restoration The restore on reboot mechanism of Deep Freeze minimizes system downtime by restoring the pristine configuration instantly with just a restart. This instant rollback capability is very effective to maximize system availability in multi-user and public computing environments. As most of the technical issues can be fixed by simply rebooting the device, users do not have to rely on IT support for every trivial issue. This reduces the amount of IT support requests and boosts the productivity of IT professionals. They get more time to focus on critical tasks instead of being bogged down by loads of manual troubleshooting requests every day. Restore on reboot technology keeps the pristine system configuration protected from all types of changes and inputs. It does not, however, prevent users from performing any action nor does it check malware from entering the device during a live session. So, while the original configuration remains intact, these unwanted elements may lead to temporary disturbances. However, in contrast to the traditional troubleshooting techniques or inbuilt programs that can take hours, restore on reboot technology resolves all types of software issues instantly once the system is restarted.

Reboot and Restore Technology

Non-restrictive Restore on Reboot Technology

100% Configuration Protection: The restore on reboot solution allows only admin-approved modifications to the original configuration, thereby ensuring license compliance and fool-proof protection for the system. Zero Operational Downtime: By rolling back the pristine state of computers on a restart, the reboot and restore functionality of Deep Freeze promises virtually zero operational downtime due to system glitches or configurational drifts. Protect all types of devices: The restore on reboot mechanism of Deep Freeze helps IT admins protect and manage all types of devices including classroom & lab computers, hospital computers, the point of sale computers, and rugged & on-field computers. Empowering Users: Restore on reboot functionality of Deep Freeze empowers users to fix multiple IT issues by simply restarting the computers. Hence, it reduces the workload of the IT personnel and also enhances the user experience by offering a prompt resolution of system issues. Reduce IT Costs: By preserving the pristine configuration of computers, the reboot restore feature of Deep Freeze increases the lifespan of the device while reducing IT tickets and maintenance costs. As the workstations face fewer glitches and system issues, the productivity of the workforce also improves, increasing the ROI considerably in the long run.

Awesome things people are doing with Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze has become the go-to solution for organizations dealing primarily with public or multi-user computing environments. Here are a couple of use-cases highlighting the scope of the software’s restore on reboot functionality:

Non-Profit Organization Leverages Deep Freeze for managing their machines across multiple centers Philadelphia FIGHT is a non-profit organization working for the betterment of people infected with HIV/AIDS decided to open multiple digital literacy centers. However, maintaining and managing hundreds of computers installed across 27 computer centers was extremely difficult for the organization’s technical staff. That being said, upkeep of the devices was essential for the success of the mission. The head of the information systems at Philadelphia FIGHT zeroed-in on Deep Freeze to harness the restore on reboot mechanism for tackling the situation. Since the deployment of software on more than 240 workstations across multiple centers, maintaining the integrity and optimum performance of the computers has been a breeze for the organization’s IT personnel, thanks to the ability to restore on reboot. Read the full Case Study

Credit Union Deploys Deep Freeze for Total System Protection Freedom First Credit Union was facing challenges while initiating a total revision of the IT infrastructure. Considering the immense scope of the project, the IT team was finding it difficult to devote time to regular IT tasks like repairing corrupted computers. They wanted to minimize the loss in productivity of both IT personnel and employees due to compromised PCs. Freedom First Credit Union thoroughly evaluated Deep Freeze and loved the simplicity and effectiveness of the restore on reboot mechanism. They experienced a 50% reduction in troubleshooting time and extended the lifespan of their PCs, further reducing IT costs. Before Deep Freeze, the PC refresh cycle was three years; now it is five years. Deep Freeze’s restore on reboot functionality allowed the credit union to grow, be proactive, and have more time for strategic IT projects rather than fighting fires. Read the full Case Study

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