Allows you to easily control your end-users' Windows Experience without having to deal with GPOs.

Need to Prevent Data From Leaving?

Whether you're working on classified government files or the secret ingredient for your famous lasagna, you need to protect your sensitive information from walking out the door.

Faronics WINSelect offers the ability to disable USB ports and disk drives. Now you can relax knowing your secrets won't be exported without your knowledge.
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Control User Experience

Control User Experience

Secure Workstations

Secure Workstations

Standardize User Environments

Standardize User Environments

Minimize IT Intervention

Minimize IT Intervention

WINSelect<sup>®</sup> Enterprise

WINSelect® Enterprise

Easily control the Windows experience for your enterprise with Faronics WINSelect.
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WINSelect<sup>®</sup> Standard

WINSelect® Standard

Faronics WINSelect helps customize the configuration of any Windows computer to perform only the functions you need and prevent any unauthorized usage.
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Cloud Solutions
Deep Freeze On Cloud

Deep Freeze Cloud

Reboot to restore and so much more in a cloud based solution for total control of your IT assets.
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Deep Freeze Cloud

Deep Freeze Mac Cloud

Ultimate Mac OS X protection that leverages Cloud platform for deployment and management.
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