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Preserve Baseline Accounts with User Refresh Mac

SAN RAMON, CA, October 11, 2006 — Faronics announces the release and immediate availability of Faronics User Refresh Mac, a utility that safeguards standard user accounts from any and all tampering and changes while offering a non-restrictive environment for those users.

User Refresh Mac provides a simple and 100% successful method of maintaining the consistency of standard user accounts and reducing software technical support to an absolute minimum. All changes to a standard user’s Home directory are temporary, including installation of new software, removal of programs, renaming or deleting files and folders, downloads, and desktop changes. A standard user account is restored to its original configuration either after log out, after a selected time interval, or at a selected time. User Refresh can also restore user accounts to an OS X baseline user account. User Refresh makes computing environments easier to manage and maintain.

The program integrates seamlessly with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD), allowing administrators to deploy a customized User Refresh configuration package to a single or multiple computers. ARD also offers the ability to manage the application remotely through User Refresh-specific tasks.

“Unlike our renowned Deep Freeze Mac solution that restores the entire system, User Refresh Mac addresses the needs of those IT professionals and administrators who want to take control of standard user accounts only, and leave administrator accounts unaffected,” said David Anderson, the User Refresh Mac product manager at Faronics. “User Refresh Mac was specifically designed to address this particular control issue in the market.”

A fully functional, 30-day evaluation version of User Refresh Mac can be downloaded free of charge at www.

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Brent Smithurst (Vice President, Technical Operations)

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