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SAN RAMON, CA, October 28, 2008 — Faronics is pleased to announce that the Windows version of its desktop computer energy management software, Power Save, has advanced to version 3.0. “is latest release introduces several feature additions and improvements, including an Audit mode, increased control over the operating system’s power settings, and support for phased deployments.

Power Save provides an average savings of $25,000 per year for every 1,000 desktop computers it is deployed on—positive news for organizations facing financial challenges or looking for ways to trim costs in uncertain economic times. Power Save uses intelligence to determine when computers are truly not in use, is easy to manage, and proves its value through energy savings reports. In fact, Power Save is helping organizations—such as schools—reduce their energy costs while paying for itself in just a few months. Coeur D’Alene Schools, Visalia Unified, Saddleback Valley, and Boston Public Schools are enjoying a combined savings of $960,000 per year thanks to Power Save. Many organizations are even receiving Power Save for free thanks to rebates provided by their local power authority.

Power Save 3.0’s newly added Audit mode measures the potential energy and financial savings that could have been gained had Power Save been active on a workstation. “ese Measurement and Verification reports can then be used to accurately assess how positive Power Save’s impact would be in an environment—especially useful when trying to calculate Power Save’s return on investment. Enterprise management is provided via Core Console, Faronics’ unified workstation management tool. Administrators are able to deploy Power Save to multiple workstations and manage their energy configurations—all from one central console. Core Console can even determine whether a workstation’s operating system power management settings are enabled, with the option to have Power Save disable and override these settings.

“We are excited about the arrival of Power Save 3.0 with its ability to override Window’s built-in power management settings — this will help us fine-tune and maximize our energy savings, ” says Ethan Haberman, Network Supervisor for Coeur D’Alene Schools. “Since we deployed, Power Save has worked well for us and any configuration changes we have had to make have been very straightforward.”

“Power Save supports phased deployments,” says Hemanshu Mehta, Product Manager for Power Save. “When Power Save is pushed out to workstations it is installed in an audit state that awaits an activation command. “is allows IT administrators to begin and complete the deployment phase of Power Save without the fear of impacting the users’ computing experience. Once users have been educated about the new energy management that has been deployed to their computers, IT can begin activating the Power Save workstation configurations.”

A free, fully functional 30 day evaluation version of Power Save can be downloaded from for both Windows and Mac computers. Power Save also works in tandem with Deep Freeze, Faronics’ system integrity solution that prevents configuration drift and workstation downtime.

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Dheeraj Mahtani (Marketing Communications Specialist, Faronics)

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