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Windows 8 Compatible Instant System Restore Solution Provides Bulletproof Computer Protection
and a Fresh Start with Every Reboot 

VANCOUVER, B.C. and SAN RAMON, Calif. October 15, 2012 – Faronics, a global leader in simplifying, securing and managing multi-user computer environments, announced that Deep Freeze for Windows 8, the newest version of its instant system restore software, will coincide with the launch of the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. The release of Deep Freeze for Windows 8 signals the company’s commitment to protect Windows 8 workstations and enable them to operate consistently at 100% capacity while reducing computer support costs.

Organizations that manage multi-user computer environments are constantly faced with the challenge of rebuilding computers that suffer from software anomalies and responding to IT support tickets. Limited time and staff resources aren’t the only problems IT administrators must tackle when responding to technical support issues. They also struggle with the ever-increasing security threat of advanced  global malware attacks that are extremely challenging to find, diagnose and troubleshoot.

Deep Freeze for Windows 8 is a patented instant system restore solution, which protects original workstation configurations by restoring the computer settings to their original condition with a simple reboot. By creating a “Frozen” snapshot of a workstation’s configuration and settings, Deep Freeze for Windows 8 eliminates the need for IT administrators to perform manual rebuilds, re-image, or troubleshoot computers every time something goes awry.

Windows 8 compatibility ensures that organizations who own Deep Freeze licenses are easily able to migrate to Windows 8 while still taking advantage of the many benefits of Deep Freeze for Windows 8 which include:

  • Instant reboot-to-restore technology – Workstation configurations can be restored to a desired state defined by an IT department.
  • Simplified Windows Update capabilities – Windows Updates can be scheduled and automated, as well as initiated from directly within the Deep Freeze Enterprise management console. Cached updates are automatically applied when machines are thawed, making the update process fast and efficient. Once the process is finished, machines are automatically returned to their frozen state.
  • Central management – A comprehensive built-in Command Line Interface provides access to and control of Deep Freeze workstations from any third party Desktop Management System that can execute remote scripts including Microsoft SCCM, Dell KACE, Spiceworks and Symantec Altiris.

Deep Freeze for Windows 8 addresses the limitations of the Reset and Refresh functionalities in Windows 8. While both Windows 8 Reset and Refresh require significant down time to run and reinstall the applications that were installed from disc, Deep Freeze for Windows 8 requires only a simple reboot, increasing user productivity and reducing the need to constantly reimage. Neither Reset nor Refresh allows IT administrators to specify a desired state to return to, while Deep Freeze for Windows 8 does. Additionally, Deep Freeze for Windows 8 prevents temp file clutter and file fragmentation, freeing up valuable hard drive space and increasing speed and efficiency of the operating system.

“Deep Freeze for Windows 8 ensures that computers in a Windows 8 environment will run in a pristine condition at all times,” said Heman Mehta, Product Manager at Faronics. “Every time an end-user reboots, the system is returned to its original uncluttered and defragmented state. Instead of waiting for the inevitable moment when the operating system has completely deteriorated, Deep Freeze for Windows 8 empowers end-users to optimize their computer experience with a simple push of the restart button.”

Additional features and end-user benefits of Deep Freeze for Windows 8 include:

  • Enhanced security – Workstations experience full immunity from software misconfigurations, and malware. The Customization Code ensures that unauthorized administrators are prevented from accessing or controlling a computer that runs Deep Freeze for Windows 8. The Master Boot Record (MBR) is also protected from rootkit injections.
  • Efficiency – IT departments experience far fewer system crashes and a drastic reduction in support tickets, enabling them to manage multi-user computing environments with increased speed and efficiency.  Customers report an average reduction of 63%.
  • Customized configuration – Using the Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator, IT administrators can specify multiple passwords, select drives to be Frozen, create virtual storage drives called ThawSpaces to save data, create workstation tasks, and schedule maintenance periods to automate Windows updates and patch management. They can also create multiple customized installers with different configurations.
  • Easy deployment – Deep Freeze for Windows 8 can be remotely deployed on multiple workstations as part of an imaging solution, with the Console or with a silent install option for rapid network deployment.
  • Data retention – IT administrators have multiple data retention options with the ability to create up to eight ThawSpaces on a workstation that can be used to store programs, save files, or make permanent changes.
  • Integration – Seamless malware definitions on workstations are protected in a Frozen state with Faronics Anti-Virus while malware definitions for other anti-virus solutions can be easily retained through use of maintenance periods.

Further details about Deep Freeze for Windows 8 can be found here. To provide feedback or join the Deep Freeze for Windows 8 beta program, please contact

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